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Legal Adoption Services

There are three types of adoptions possible in Mississippi:

Private Agency

A private agency adoption occurs when a prospective birth mother contacts an adoption agency and voluntarily places her baby for adoption. Our experienced attorneys can help you complete the legal steps of the adoption process.

Reasons to pursue a private agency adoption include:

  • You'd like to adopt an infant.
  • You want someone to help you find potential birth parents that are a good fit for you.
  • You'd like the possibility of having a more open adoption relationship with your child's birth parents.
  • You want someone to screen potential birth parents for you.

Public Agency

Sometimes called foster care adoption or foster to adopt, a public adoption generally involves a child in foster care being adopted by the foster family. Because the ultimate goal of the foster care system is to reunite biological parents with their children, it can take a much longer time to adopt a child this way. However, it can be much more affordable than private adoption because the state can fund most of the expenses. Hopeful adoptive parents typically must determine whether the time it takes to adopt or the cost to adopt is more important to them.

Independent / Private Adoption

A private adoption occurs without an agency when prospective adopting parents and birth parents find one another. Prospective families can find one another through online profiles, private adoption ads, newspaper ads, or introductions by mutual friends, acquaintances, or relatives. The team at Amanda Todd Daniels can guide adoptive parents and prospective birth parents through this process and advise them of the most successful, safe, and reliable methods to locate each other for a non-agency adoption. You will need an attorney to complete the necessary legal processes and to ensure that your adoption is completed correctly and in accordance with state laws.

Reasons to pursue an independent adoption include:

  • You'd like to adopt an infant.
  • These adoptions often occur more quickly than agency adoptions.
  • You would like the possibility of having a more open adoption relationship with your child's birth parents.
  • These adoptions can be less expensive than agency adoptions.

Our attorneys will walk you through the process to help complete your adoption effectively and efficiently and help your new family become a reality.

Surrendering a Child for Adoption

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming. If you are considering an adoption plan for your child, our legal team can help you evaluate your options and find the one that best fits your situation. We represent birth mothers and fathers who want to place their child up for adoption and who prefer private adoption in order to have more control over their adoption plan and the ability to consider families across the country.

The attorneys at Amanda Todd Daniels can provide you with information to help you understand different methods of locating an adoptive family, and once you have selected a family we will guide you through the adoptive process. Having your own lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and that the adoption will be one you are comfortable with.

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Mississippi uses a formula to calculate child support based on factors like both parents' income, number of children, medical expenses, and childcare costs.
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