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Family Law Services

At our law firm in Tupelo, we understand the significance of family and the emotional complexities that can arise in legal matters affecting your loved ones. Our dedicated family law attorney is committed to providing compassionate and expert representation to navigate through the challenges you face.

Tupelo Family Law Legal Services

marriage and family attorney

Marriage & Partnerships

From drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to ensuring your partnership is legally sound, we are committed to helping you navigate the legal aspects of your relationship.

Marriage & Partnerships
prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

With a focus on open communication and personalized solutions, we are dedicated to helping you establish a strong legal framework for your shared journey ahead.

Prenup & Postnup Agreements
lgbtq+ legal services

LGBTQ+ Family Law

Our compassionate attorneys specialize in LGBTQ+ Family Law, providing expert legal guidance that respects and recognizes your unique needs.

LGBTQ+ Family Law Services
divorce legal services

Divorce & Separation

With a focus on protecting your rights and achieving a fair outcome, we're committed to helping you find your way to a new chapter with confidence and clarity.

Divorce Services
mother with two children

Child Support

We specialize in child support matters, advocating for fair and equitable arrangements that prioritize your child's best interests.

Child Support Services
child custody legal services

Child Custody

With a focus on open communication and thoughtful solutions, we work tirelessly to ensure a stable and nurturing environment for your child.

Child Custody Services
paternity legal services


Whether you're a father seeking to establish paternity or a mother looking to confirm parental rights, we provide comprehensive legal guidance.

Paternity Services
legal adoption legal services


Whether you're considering domestic, international, stepparent, or relative adoption, we offer expert guidance tailored to your unique situation.

Adoption Legal Services
couple admiring pregnant surrogate mother

Legal Surrogacy

Whether you're an intended parent or a surrogate, we provide personalized solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

Legal Surrogacy Services
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