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The bond between a parent and child is precious, and establishing legal paternity is a crucial step in securing this connection.


If a child is born out of wedlock to two single parents, the father must establish paternity before he has a claim for custody or visitation. The Law Office of Amanda Tood Daniels is here to help parents establish their legal rights so they may enjoy all the benefits that come with parenthood. A father may be denied access to his child and needs to retain a Tupelo Paternity Attorney. Alternatively, a father may be denying responsibility for his child and a mother may need to proceed against him to establish paternity. Amanda Daniels can assist a parent in all matters regarding paternity.

Paternity involves establishing the identity of a child's biological father. A paternity action may be necessary for a number of situations:

  1. A mother needs to establish paternity in order to file and legally establish child support.
  2. A man who has been wrongly named as a child's father and served with child support documents may need to prove he is not the father.
  3. A man who is the father of a child may need to prove paternity in order to establish custodial and visitation rights.
  4. A legal joint paternity/custodial agreement is desired for a same-sex couple.

Tupelo Paternity Attorney

At the Law Office of Amanda Todd Daniels, our goal is to determine your legal rights and help you navigate the court process for paternity. We will investigate the matter and run any necessary paternity tests. If the test results indicate legal action is needed to collect support or recover unfairly collected payments, our legal staff will walk you through the process, represent you, and protect your rights.

Our clients know that by coming to Amanda Todd Daniels they are gaining the expertise needed to resolve paternity issues. Call us today at (662) 678-8009 to discuss your needs and how we can help you successfully navigate this process.

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Paternity refers to legal fatherhood and establishes the rights and responsibilities of a father to a child. Establishing paternity can have implications for child support, custody, visitation, and inheritance rights.

Our experienced family law attorneys can guide you through the process of legally establishing paternity, which may involve DNA testing and court proceedings.

Legal fathers have the right to seek custody or visitation and may be required to provide financial support for the child's well-being.

Yes, we can help navigate situations where the alleged father is uncooperative by seeking legal remedies to establish paternity, such as court-ordered DNA testing.

Our firm can assist you in seeking modifications to child support orders based on changes in circumstances, ensuring fair and appropriate financial arrangements
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